SPS highly recommends the Chemtrol 250 for your automatic chemical
controller needs.  Having an automatic chemical controller functioning at
your property allows the manual testing required to be reduced from every 4
hours to every 12 hours that your pool is open.

Please follow the link below for more information and contact us for pricing.
Chemtrol 250 (appropriate for pools running on liquid chlorine or Cal Hypo)

SPS will make sure that your Automatic Chemical Controller is installed
correctly and functioning before we leave.  Our Chemtrol Sale / Installation
includes the following:

  • The appropriate Automatic Chemical Controller for your pool
  • PPM / ORP sensor
  • pH sensor
  • Brass Solenoid Valve for sanitation control
  • Feeder Pump for pH control
  • Plumbed in bypass so pool will be operational in the event of
    unforeseen controller malfunctions
  • All equipment fully installed and function tested
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