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Perimeter Fence and Lighting
The following are only excerpts from the Ohio Administrative Code.  To view
the Code in its entirety, please visit.  
The Ohio Administrative Code

Perimeter Fence - 3701-31-04 (M)
  • The licensee shall provide a perimeter fence or barrier to enclose each public
    swimming pool or spa.
  • The fence shall be located in such a manner as to prevent unauthorized
    access to the pool or spa.
  • The fence or barrier shall be at least forty-two inches in height from the ground
    to the top of the fence.  
  • All gates or doors shall be lockable.
  • Any gates that are used for ingress or egress of pool or spa patrons also shall
    be self-closing.
  • The perimeter fence or barrier shall be constructed in such a manner that a
    sphere with the diameter of six (6) inches cannot be passed through any

Lighting - 3701-31-04(D)
  • Either area lighting or area and underwater lighting shall be provided at each
    public swimming pool, public spa, or special use pools.
  • The lighting shall be sufficient to illuminate adequately the pool or spa bottom.