The following are only excerpts from the Ohio Administrative Code.  To view
the Code in its entirety, please visit.  
The Ohio Administrative Code website.  

Life Saving Devices - 3701-31-05 (F) and 3701-31-05 (H)
  • The licensee shall provide at least one non-telescopic reach pole 12 ft long with
    a shepherd's crook for the pool. (F)
  • For pools without lifeguards, the licensee shall provide a United States coast
    guard approved Type IV personal flotation device (ring buoy, or equivalent
    throwing device) with one-quarter inch diameter line not less than 30 ft or more
    than 60 ft in length. (F)
  • Safety equipment shall be readily visible from the pool and be easily accessible.
  • All public pools shall have at least one back or spine board.  Complexes of pools
    that are enclosed within a common perimeter fence or barrier may share a back
    or spine board. (H)

First Aid Kits  - 3701-31-05 (G)
  • The licensee shall provide first aid equipment, including a first aid kit, in an
    accessible location.  
  • The first aid kit shall include at least unused disposable gloves and a sufficient
    supply of materials to stop bleeding and to clean or cover minor cuts and

Telephones - 3701-31-05 (I)
  • A telephone under the control of the licensee shall be available within five
    hundred feet of each public swimming pool, public spa, and special use pool with
    a posted list of emergency numbers.
  • The licensee shall ensure that the telephone is available for emergency use at
    all times the pool or spa is open for use.
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