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Signs and Depth Markers
The following are only excerpts from the Ohio Administrative Code.  To view
the Code in its entirety, please visit.  
The Ohio Administrative Code website.  
No Diving - 3701-31-04 (K-1)
  • "No Diving" letters or equivalent pictorial signage shall be a minimum of four
    inches in size.
  • "No Diving" signs shall be placed adjacent to depth markers along the deck or a
    public swimming pool within two(2) feet of the water's edge or within six (6) inches
    of the back of the gutter.  
  • The signs shall have slip resistant surfaces.
  • The linear distance measured along the pool wall and across stair setbacks
    between adjacent signs shall not be greater than twenty-five feet.
  • "No Diving" signs are not required at wading pools.  

No Lifeguard - 3701-31-04 (K-3)
  • The licensee of a public swimming pool not required to provide a lifeguard shall
    post a warning sign prominently in the pool area which states: "WARNING, NO

Emergency Phone / Numbers - 3701-31-04 (K-4 and K-5)
  • The licensee shall post a sign in the immediate vicinity of the pool stating the
    location of the nearest telephone unless the telephone can be clearly seen from
    the pool area.
  • The licensee shall assure that a sign is posted at the emergency telephone
    indicating the name and telephone number of the nearest available police station,
    fire station, and rescue unit and any other names and telephone numbers likely
    to be needed in the event of an emergency.

Pool Closed - 3701-31-04 (K-6)
  • When any public swimming pool, public spa, or special use pool is closed, the
    licensee shall post conspicuously at least one sign stating  "DANGER - POOL

Depth Markers - 3701-31-04 (K-2)
  • Depth shall be plainly marked on the adjacent deck surface within two feet of the
    edge of the water or within six inches of the back of the gutter.
  • All depth markers shall have slip resistant  surface.  
  • The linear distance measured along the pool wall and across stair setbacks
    between adjacent markings hall not be greater than twenty-five feet.
  • The depth of water shall be marked at maximum and minimum points, at the
    points of break between the deep and shallow portions, and at intermediate
  • A minimum of two depth markers per public sap or wading pool shall be provided.
  • All depth markings shall consist of numerals reflecting the water depth to the
    nearest six-inch or one-half foot increment with units indicated in letters.
  • Depth marking numerals shall be at least four inches in size and shall be of a
    color that contrasts with the background.  
  • The designation of units of measure shall be in letters and feet and inches may
    be abbreviated.
  • If tiles are used, the unit designation may be in smaller letters (one and one-
    quarter inches minimum) located in the upper right portion of the tile.