Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often do you come?

A: We offer 5, 6, and 7 day a week contracts. For a 5 day a week contract we service every day except Wednesday and Sunday. For a 6 day a week contract we service every day except Sunday.

Q: What do you do on holidays like Independence day or Labor day?

A: We will still be at your pool if it is a day we would normally be contracted to be at your pool, because we work on holidays.

Q: How often do you clean the pool?

A: We vacuum the pool as needed on the days we are contracted to be at the pool. Obviously the weather affects the cleanliness of your pool, but we do our best to keep it clean for you to enjoy.

Q: Can you change the temperature of the pool?

A: The temperature of the pool is usually agreed upon by the board of trustees at your property. Our technicians are instructed to not adjust temperatures of pools unless directed to do so by a Supervisor and to contact management with any questions or concerns regarding the temperature.

Q: How often does our water need tested?

A: According to the state of Ohio, a pool with an automatic chemical controller needs to be tested every 12 hours that the pool is open. If the pool does not have an automatic chemical controller the water must be tested every 4 hours. SPS will be responsible for one of those for days we are contracted.

Q: What happens if someone has an accident?

A: The first step in a fecal accident would be to get everyone out of the pool and post the pool closed signs (usually kept in the pump room). Please call us immediately (866-267-7560). If it is after hours please follow through to the emergency line so we can deal with this as soon as possible.

Q: Who moves our furniture?

A: Unless other arrangements have been made, SPS will set up furniture in the spring and stack furniture in the fall.

Q: What time do you come every day?

A: Our goal is to have every pool serviced in a timely manner, prior to peak pool usage times. Weather conditions, aerobics classes, and other factors can affect the time we are at your pool.

Q: Are you adding chemicals today?

A: We add and adjust chemicals daily on an as needed basis to keep your pool within the parameters set by the state and local health departments. The safety of the swimmers is always our number one priority. Our technicians are trained to safely add chemicals. With automatic chemical controllers, chemicals are added based on real time demand by the water chemistry.

Q: How many pools do you service per day?

A: As a company we service over 100 pools a day. We try to have our techs service between 8 and 12 pools a day based on location, size, and experience.

Q: Can we have the code to your lockbox?

A: Our technicians are instructed to not give out our lockbox codes to anyone. Special exceptions can be made with prior arrangements through the office for a temporary code to be given to a health inspector or someone similar.

Q: Can you fix the lights when the water is in the pool?

A: We can change the lightbulb or even install a new fixture when water is in the pool. We are not often at your pool when the lights are on; if you ever notice a light out or the lights on at a strange time, please contact us so we can diagnose the problem and get it fixed as quickly as possible.


As always, we are here to answer whatever question you may have. Don’t hesitate to send us an email, give us a call, or submit your question below!