Daily Service

We typically offer 5, 6, or 7 day per week contracts. Contact us for a quote.



Opening a swimming pool in the Spring can be an overwhelming task.  Why not leave it to the professionals?  We’re make sure your pool is up and running on time.



Closing a swimming pool can be equally as daunting.  Sandy’s Pool Service will be sure that your pool is properly winterized for the winter.


Equipment Repairs

Sometimes equipment can fail or parts will go bad, but SPS can work with you to fix or replace it.


Safety Covers

SPS will work with you to install a new cover, repair your current cover, and fix or replace anchors. There are multiple options, please contact us!


Automatic Chemical Controllers

With an automatic chemical controller, the water is not required to be manually tested as often. The controller can adjust pH and add chlorine based on water chemistry detected by electronic sensors. Contact us for more information on installation.


Light Fixtures

We can change the lightbulb or even install a new fixture when water is in the pool. We are not often at your pool when the lights are on; if you ever notice a light out or the lights on at a strange time, please contact us so we can diagnose the problem and get it fixed as quickly as possible.


Depth Markers

Code requires that the depth of the pool be displayed. We can repaint your depth markers to keep you up to code.



We will paint your pool in either the spring or the fall. We have limited days available to paint in the spring due to weather, so let us know ahead of time to get on our list. We do not paint the fiberglass sidewalls of the pool or any plaster pools. We have various options, please contact us for more information.

Sand Replacement

Sand filters require new sand every so often. We offer a sand alternative product, Zeobryte, which filters better and extends the life of the media. Contact us for more information.


Heater Maintenance

Heaters are valuable pieces of equipment. We offer a service to help clean and maintain your heater to prolong its life.



Below are photos of the six signs required by law. Standard signs are plastic, however metal signs can also be requested. We also offer customized signs. Call the office for more details.